Subversion 1.7

07.01.2013 by Dirk Olmes

Recently I received a portage update to Subversion 1.7. Since this version uses a new working copy layout I was a bit sceptic about how much work upgrading to 1.7 would really be.

So far the update went really smooth. I upgraded the svn client and had to migrate (svn upgrade) the working copy. The working copy is significantly smaller after the migration:

  Subversion 1.6 Subversion 1.7 Size diff
customer project 1 957M 676M 70.64%
customer project 2 14M 7.5M 53.57%
Mule community 3.x 342M 200M 58.48%

SVN operations like running an update or reverting a lot of changes seem to be a bit faster. I can’t say if subversion in Eclipse behaves faster or not - haven’t my mind made up just yet.

I’ll leave the server part and all the related tools (Jenkins, Sventon etc.) for another post later.

Mainaining backwards compatability with Sventon 1.4.x changeset links

11.01.2010 by Dirk Olmes

I recently updated Sventon on a production system. While the update itself went quite smooth, I found a minor glitch with the URLs do display a certain changeset.

Sventon 1.4.x used URLs like this


where Sventon 2.x …

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HTTP auth for hgwebdir.cgi

16.01.2009 by Dirk Olmes

The easiest way to publish your Mercurial repository via HTTP is probably the use of hgwebdir.cgi.

There are quite a number of HOWTOs out there on how to configure hgwebdir.cgi on the web, e.g. this one: it talks about configuring hgwebdir.cgi and how to set up …

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