Cyanogenmod on my Samsung Galaxy S

28.12.2012 by Dirk Olmes

I had previously rooted my Samsung Galaxy S to install a newer release of Android 2.3.

While I was pretty satisfied with the device and the Android version it’s running I’m concerned about the lack of security updates. By now it’s clear that Android 2.x will not receive security updates any more.

So I decided to give Cyanogenmod a try as they support the Samsung Galaxy S.

Since I already installed the clockworkmod recovery previously, flashing CM was as easy as downloading a zip file, booting into recovery and applying the update. The process took a bit of time but it went through smoothly. After a reboot I was greeded by a brand new install of CM.

I was a bit concerned if the device is powerful enough to run a 4.1 version of Android. After all, the Galaxy S only has 384MB of RAM. So far it seems that my concerns were unfounded - CM runs quite smooth and the performance of the UI is acceptable.


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