Giving up on Zipper

18.02.2012 by Dirk Olmes

I haven’t used Zipper for a long time. I wrote it to scratch an itch in my daily work but it seems that my work has changed quite a bit since then.

On a long walk the other afternoon I was considering my use of GNUstep in general and came to the conclusion that my interests have shifted away from it. I hadn’t even updated my local GNUstep install for almost a year and did not see that changing any time soon.

So I decided to hand over Zipper to the GNUstep Application Project. They have more manpower and motivation to drive Zipper forward than I have now. I got in contact with the guys and they took it over to its new home.

It’s good to see the tool staying alive and kicking and providing value to the GNUstep community.


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