Moved the blog to pelican

29.06.2013 by Dirk Olmes

When I started my personal blog, I chose Serendipity because some of the blogs I was reading back then were running on it. Also, it had a good reputation for being easy to set up and use - and it was.

Recently, a friend of mine sparked my interest in static blog generators like jekyll or octopress. Reading more about those I two, I got really excited and wanted to dive right in.

Octopress’ install instructions tell you to use rbenv or RVM for the installation. This is where my pain begins. Alas, I alreay have two versions of Ruby installed (dependencies of packages I have installed on my Gentoo machine), I’m not really keen on maintaining yet another version through RVM or rbenv.

So I started to look for alternatives to these frameworks in Python land - and found pelican. It recommends to install inside a virtualenv which I find by far more sensible than the approach the Ruby folks recommend.

Long story short: I’m impressed! I played around with it for half an hour and came to the conclusion that I need a bit more content to explore my use cases. So I started to convert the existing blog entries manually - which was very easy. I had used markdown on github before so the choice was easy :-)

After two more hours I had converted all my existing blog entries. Later that day I replaced the existing blog with the new one - a decision that wasn’t hard to make.


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