13.08.2011 by Dirk Olmes

I’m a big fan of OpenVPN - I use it to tunnel traffic between my home net and the office. I also have an OpenVPN set with a customer site. Since I recently flushed an Android update and rooted the device at the same time I thought about installing OpenVPN …

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Odin on VirtualBox

11.08.2011 by Dirk Olmes

I flashed an Adroid update earlier today. This was done from Windows using Odin and it worked like a charm.

This approach requires me to boot into Windows, though which is quite an interrupt in the daily procedure. So I thought I’d give Odin on Windows running in a …

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Kies woes again

10.08.2011 by Dirk Olmes

In my last blog post I talked about my unsuccessful experience with Kies. Since then I bought a cheap hard drive and put it into my work machine and installed Windows on it. Kies installed fine on that windows installation but much to my disappointment I did not get an …

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Kies woes

17.03.2011 by Dirk Olmes

Ok so now I have this new Android device. After downloading some apps and playing around with it for a few days I am ready for “the real stuff”, namely rooting, flashing custom images and all the other hacking fun that’s possible with this kind of devices.

The official …

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The future is here

12.03.2011 by Dirk Olmes

I was resisting the temptations of modern Smartphones for quite some time now. My first impression was that all these devices are toys and/or giant data leaks.

Then my wife got herself an iPhone and by playing around with it I learned two things:

  1. a smartphone for me will …
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Mainaining backwards compatability with Sventon 1.4.x changeset links

11.01.2010 by Dirk Olmes

I recently updated Sventon on a production system. While the update itself went quite smooth, I found a minor glitch with the URLs do display a certain changeset.

Sventon 1.4.x used URLs like this


where Sventon 2.x …

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Default JDK for cross JDK project profiles with Maven

25.04.2009 by Dirk Olmes

In my previous blog post about Cross JDK project files with Maven I described a way to generate a custom JDK name into the Eclipse project files using the maven-eclipse-plugin.

That approach still had one shortcoming: you would either have to rename your JDK to match the default configured in …

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Eclipse link files

03.03.2009 by Dirk Olmes

Starting with Eclipse Ganymede you have a dropins folder into which you can drop custom plugins that don’t come via an update site.

Some plugins come with a feature, however so you’re forced to mainain a directory structure below the dropins folder. Add working across different Eclipse installations …

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HTTP auth for hgwebdir.cgi

16.01.2009 by Dirk Olmes

The easiest way to publish your Mercurial repository via HTTP is probably the use of hgwebdir.cgi.

There are quite a number of HOWTOs out there on how to configure hgwebdir.cgi on the web, e.g. this one: it talks about configuring hgwebdir.cgi and how to set up …

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10.01.2009 by Dirk Olmes

Python comes with a rich libray of classes for dealing with date and time. I was working with datetime.time objects the other day and needed to calculate the difference between to time instances. To my great surprise this isn’t easily doable as Python’s standard lib only has …

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