s9y und die kaputten Umlaute in den Monatsnamen

16.06.2008 by Dirk Olmes

Mir ist schon seit längerem aufgefallen, daß die Umlaute meiner s9y Installation kaputt waren. In den Blog Einträgen kam das nie so raus, weil dies der erste Eintrag auf deutsch mit Umlauten ist :-)

Die Umlaute in den Monatsnamen waren allerdings kaputt. Ein Eintrag bei den Farmbloggern hat mich dann aber …

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Log4j based logging in Tomcat 6 - Part 2

15.06.2008 by Dirk Olmes

In my previous experiment I got Tomcat to log through commons-logging by following the Tomcat instructions.

While this works well for webapps that use commons-logging or log4j directly, webapps using JDK logging (e.g. Hudson) still clutter catalina.out. I remembered an approach that Holger was researching earlier: replace the …

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Log4j based logging in Tomcat 6

14.06.2008 by Dirk Olmes

My favourite annoyance in Tomcat is its logging to the ever-growing, never-rotated catalina.out.

The Tomcat logging setup instructions already contain a description what to do to make Tomcat log through log4. This is definitely a step in the right direction. Tomcat’s logging is properly separated from each webapp …

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maven-assembly-plugin vs system scope dependencies

18.04.2008 by Dirk Olmes

I was playing around with Gigaspaces the other day. Since GS jars are not available on any Maven repo and GS comes with everything you need prepackaged I used Maven dependencies with system scope to pull the required jars into my build.

Then I tried to assemble a simple zip …

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Cross JDK project files with Maven (continued)

21.03.2008 by Dirk Olmes

In my last blog entry I described the steps for cross-JDK Eclipse project files.

Unfortunately there’s more Eclipse internals involved when dealing with cross platform issues. It turns out that the correct JRE_CONTAINER for Linux and Windows is

org.eclipse.jdt.launching.JRE_CONTAINER/org.eclipse.jdt.internal.debug …
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Cross JDK project files with Maven

19.03.2008 by Dirk Olmes

Recently we switched the Mule build to be based on JDK5 for some modules. This requires the Maven build to be JDK aware. While the JDK auto-activation of profiles get you to build the project from the commandline, IDE integration was a bit of pain.

Now that the maven-eclipse-plugin has …

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Log4j and logger additivity

18.02.2008 by Dirk Olmes

Sometimes you want to write more than one logfile using logj4. This is possible by defining multiple appenders and specifying an appender for a certain logger like this:


log4j.rootLogger=DEBUG, A1
log4j.logger.foo=DEBUG …
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Mule 1.4.2 released

31.08.2007 by Dirk Olmes

I see a pattern here … every three months at the end of the month we release a new Mule version. This time it’s Mule 1.4.2 which has a great wealth of bugfixes over the previous version. As usual, download from Codehaus.

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Validating XML documents against your own schemas with Eclipse

07.06.2007 by Dirk Olmes

This week I started to work on Mule 2.0 which will be based on Spring. We’re dropping our own custom config format in favor of Spring’s xml format. This requires me to design the schema for the transports I’m working on as well as convert the …

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Mule 1.4.1 released

31.05.2007 by Dirk Olmes

Yesterday I worked the whole day on preparing Mule 1.4.1. On top of over 70 Bugfixes since the last release, we offer a graphical installer now. It can be downloaded from codehaus.

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