New Zipper release

22.05.2007 by Dirk Olmes

I had to debug Mule’s build for the upcoming 1.4.1 release a bit, especially the packaging of the JCA distribution. I usually use Zipper to open archives, that’s why I wrote it in the first place. It turns out that some file extensions are ambiguous, e …

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Skipping test execution but not test compilation

17.05.2007 by Dirk Olmes

In more complicated Maven builds you might package your tests along with your normal code to use in other modules (see plugin doc to the maven-jar-plugin how to do it). For normal development you might not want to execute the unit tests every time you build. Compiling the source with …

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Localized ResourceBundle subclasses

14.05.2007 by Dirk Olmes

When working on Mule’s i18n support I stubled over a hidden gem in java. The ResourceBundle’s getResourceBundle method will build a candidate name and look for a class with this name in the runtime before resorting to loading properties files. I’d like to play around with this …

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